Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Tree Spraying: Keeping Your Fruit Trees Healthy

The importance of spraying your fruit trees should not be underestimated. Spraying, along with other tree services such as pruning and trimming, protects trees against pests and diseases, thus keeping them healthy and strong and maximizing their fruit-bearing capabilities. Tree spraying in Dayton can be done with the help of a professional tree service company, or you can do it on your own. Either way, you need to know some basic information on how to spray your trees the right way.

First thing to know are the tools to be used in tree spraying. The use of proper tools and equipment makes the job easier to do and faster. Choose a sprayer that is of excellent quality. You can visit any store that sells farming tools and inquire more about tree spraying equipment. You will not go through all the hassle if you decide to hire experts in tree spraying in Dayton.

Choosing The Type Of Spray
You can choose from any of the several spray products available in the market today. Of these products, the most commonly used are the organic type, usually made from mineral oil, which is good for suffocating pests. Sulphur and copper also work pretty well against fungus. But avoid using sulphur products on apricot trees. Also wait for thirty days from the time you used oil spray before using sulphur spray products.

How To Spray Fruit Trees
Tree spraying should be done during a calm weather. The spray will be blown away by wind, wasting your investment. In a calm day, you can get a thorough covering of your trees, from the tip of the branches to the trunk’s base. In spraying, cover the area under the tree. Also spray the root area. If you are spraying near a pond, make sure there will be no spray particles that drift into the water. Sprays are mostly poisonous to fish. And to protect yourself, wear glasses and gloves. Chemicals, even if you are using organic ones, may cause some amount of harm.

Choosing the time of the year to do your tree spraying is important. Expert tree spraying companies know when the best time is to do tree spraying. Check the climate in your locality. The best time to do tree spraying in Dayton must depend on what particular part of the year that pests attack trees.

Generally, though, winter is a good time to do an oil spray because the trees are leafless and dormant, an anti-fungus spray before the opening of flower buds and another spraying after the petals of flowers have dropped.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The History of Charleston's Palmetto Tree

Since the Revolutionary War the palmetto tree has been synonymous with South Carolina and a symbol of victory against the British. After Col. William Moultrie’s heroic defense of the palmetto-log fort on Sullivan’s island in 1776, the palmetto tree became an indelible emblem of triumph. In 1775 the original state flag depicted a crescent moon against a dark blue background, but was redesigned a year later to include the palm. The flag was adopted with its amendment in 1861. To this day, South Carolinians harbor a profound gratitude towards the tree that helped them fortify the coast and ward off a British invasion.  

Palmetto logs were used to construct the fort at Sullivan’s Island because they grew in abundance along the coast. Little did the troops – on either side – know how defensible the resilient trunks would be against British ammunition. The hearty stalks absorbed cannonball fire and sustained only minimal damage, leaving the fort intact. The British eventually retreated in 1782 and South Carolina laid claim to the city of Charleston.

Official State Tree

In 1939 the palmetto, also known as a sabal palm or cabbage palm, became the official state tree of South Carolina. Undoubtedly recalling the rich history of the state, the palm represents the fierce independence of the people who settled there.

Palmetto Tree Facts

Palmettos grow tall and lean, reaching heights of 40 to 50 feet. And though the tree can grow straight or curved, the fibrous trunk is surprisingly sturdy. The root system is equally strapping, making it easy to adapt to salty or dry soil conditions. A native to Spain, the palmetto could even thrive in desert landscapes such as Phoenix or Reno.  

Indicative of the coastal lands in and around Charleston, the palmetto also grows in parts of Georgia, Florida and North Carolina. Among the species of plants native to the southern United States, the palmetto is nearly hurricane proof, often the only tree standing after heavy rains and sea swells have snapped live oaks and pines. For that, it has become a favorite among coastal residents, often lining streets and shading homes.

Citizens of Charleston turn to professional tree services to trim the tall branches, which are susceptible to roaches and other sub-tropical insects. Palmetto trees are not only an important landscape feature throughout the city, the leaves are often used for salads and pickling.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Holiday Tree Dedications

Finding the perfect gift for family and friends around the holidays can be a grueling endeavor. Everyone expects to get what’s on their Christmas list so they don’t have to stand in the Returns line the day after Christmas. But there’s a way to give a meaningful gift that anyone would love without standing in any lines. TreePeople of Los Angeles suggests gifting a tree this year. Ordering a dedication tree offers a long lasting gift that people all over the state of California can enjoy for years to come.

Each year, thousands of gift trees are ordered through TreePeople, as well as other gift tree websites, and are becoming a popular gift for all occasions. Gifting a tree not only makes a wonderful gift for the holidays, it can also commemorate a special occasion such as an anniversary, birthday, new birth, or dedication to a lost loved one.

A gift tree is also an eco-conscious contribution to restoring the local environment and involving friends and family in the rebuilding of our nation’s forests. TreePeople, based in Los Angeles, have received donations from residents as far as San Diego who have donated trees to honor their loved ones, in an effort to revitalize the Angeles National Forest in California. The donations help plant new trees as well as maintain trees that have been donated already.

Though TreePeople doesn’t know exactly where your tree will be planted, and can’t guarantee a specific location, all dedication trees are planted within in the park woodlands and mountain forests of the Angeles National Forest. The area has been chosen because of deforestation caused by wildfires, neglect, and other natural causes. Because so many trees are donated throughout the year, it’s not possible to put markers on every tree, but participation is encouraged. If you’d like to make your gift exceptionally special, tree planting events are open to dedicators and recipients.

During the holiday season, each donation is given special attention by presenting your honoree with a personalized greeting card and a certificate of announcement as a token of gratitude.

This year think outside the big box stores and celebrate the future of our planet. Tree donations start at $25 and multiple trees can be donated at a discount. Perhaps you’re looking for a way to involve your friends and family in green efforts – donating a tree is a great way to show them how they can make a difference.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Importance of Cabling and Bracing for Tree Preservation

Photo courtesy of: sedaetically.edu.ms
Nothing is more sacred to the Ohio State University faculty, staff, and student body than the iconic buckeye trees on campus. For a University whose mascot is a tree, preserving these precious arbors takes vigilance and a little help from a local tree service company. One of the ways in which OSU has maintained the health of so many of their trees is through cabling and bracing.

Cabling and bracing, the most common type of structural aid for trees, involves the installation of cables and anchors. By connecting a split or overgrown branch to another stronger branch, that once precarious limb can continue to thrive. Think of cabling and bracing as an alternative to pruning. By keeping the structural integrity of the tree sound without sacrificing the canopy, the man-made hardware allows trees to flourish in confidence.

This is great news to devoted OSU personnel as they have banned together to become a “Tree Campus”. The honorary recognition, awarded by the Arbor Day Foundation, is given to universities who have developed ways to foster tree preservation on campus. Current Tree Campus USA recipients have made a concentrated effort to connect with the community beyond campus borders, adopted learning opportunities for the student body, and encouraged urban forestry efforts. Most importantly, these universities have well-managed tree populations, which are realized by conducting tree inventories.

OSU could be next on the list of universities with this honorable mention. With the help of software programs such as Google Earth and i-Tree, students are able to map the landscape of their campus and inventory what type of trees there are and the quantity. Not only does this inventory help recognize OSU as a Tree Campus USA, it allows students to evaluate the importance of trees in urban areas. It’s a learning experience that is constructive to the local ecosystem.

Tree cabling is recommended for trees that require additional support – typically heavy hardwood trees like the ones on OSU campus. Additional structural bracing helps poorly structured trees from breaking under the weight of snow and ice in frosty Ohio winters. However, there are two types of cabling that
work differently.

Dynamic cabling allows trees to sway naturally in heavy winds by connecting branches to other branches instead of to the trunk. The tree is still able to strengthen itself over time and compensate for previous weaknesses. Dynamic cabling also uses less invasive hardware to avoid harming the tree bark.

Static cabling is used with more severe structural damage. Limbs that are splitting or cracked can lead to catastrophic failure without installing hefty hardware directly into the tree. For that matter, many balk at this method because it involves permanent bolts that pierce the entire branch, which interferes with the tree’s natural fortification of the tissue.

Whichever method is adopted to strengthen the trees on OSU campus is up to the tree service company they call, but they both offer benefits in the long run. Cabling and bracing prevent failure in trees with structural weakness that are otherwise healthy, restore damaged limbs that would otherwise be removed, and mitigate hazardous collapses and premature removal of the entire tree.

With the football season in high step, Ohio State University is busy achieving other goals unrelated to the playoffs. The OSU buckeyes have a much more universal benchmark involving their campus and the trees therein. Let’s hope for the sake of the environment that they make rank.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Save A Forest, Plant A Tree, But Do It Right

We have been told thousands of times about the importance of planting trees. But how many of these plant-a-tree campaigns teach us how to plant trees? The reason why many trees don’t live years is that they were not planted the proper way. Planting a tree does not consist of simply digging a hole, burying a seedling there and praying it will grow into a giant shelter for wild birds. Proper procedures have to be followed.

In fact, anything related to trees must be done with the help of professionals. In Cumming, GA, there are companies who offer any type of service regarding trees. Since there are many of them in existence, and you don’t have time to research on each one of them, you can ask companies like Premiere Trees Services to help you out.

Premiere Trees Services can link you to any of the tree service Cumming, GA companies for your tree planting concerns. On your own, you need to do some research too. If you plan to have lush trees around your house, you will have to care for them. And you cannot look after your trees if you don’t anything about the basics in tree planting.

First off, you need to decide if what you want is horticultural or wildland planting. If you are living in an urban environment, horticultural tree planting is the most practical option. This is the type of tree planting used by house owners who want to have a green landscaping for their property.

Horticultural plants usually have intact root balls, which makes possible to plant them in any season. They also need to be taken care of more meticulously since they serve not just as shades but as ornaments.

If you want to revive an entire forest, wildland planting is for you. This is the type of planting initiated by governments and organizations to save forests and wild vegetations. Since it involves huge land areas, a more extensive planning and preparation is involved. Wildlife planting is cheaper on a per tree computation. But the sheer magnitude of the project makes it very expensive.

Where To Go For Professional Tree Removal

Something most property owners don’t think about until they need it is professional tree removal. Most people pay no attention to a tree until it dies or becomes a problem. Then they do not know what to do about it or who to turn to. Fortunately professional tree removal is available in Cincinnati, OH. 

Professional tree service in Cincinnati, employees are trained and experienced that know how to safely and quickly get rid of dead trees. Whether the tree has died or fallen over they can get rid of it quickly and safely. They can dispose of the biggest trees in a safe and responsible manner.Your big problem can be solved by a simple phone call to a professional tree service.

The pros can come out to your place look over the tree in question and tell you how much it will cost to remove right there and then. Then if you like the price they can start work right away and that problem tree can be gone before you know it.They can even get rid of the stump if you wish and haul away all of the deadwood. 

That way your problem is solved and you can get on with your life.  It can be as if there was no stump there in the first place. If that was not enough a professional Cincinnati, OH tree service can even plant a new tree to take the place of the one they took away. Stop sitting around wondering what you’re going to do about that dead or dying tree. Call the pros today they can solve your problem and help you concentrate on your life, your family, your career and other things that are really important.

Make Sure Tree Pruning and Trimming is done Right the First Time

Many property owners will wonder why they need a professional Alexandria, VA, tree service. After all they believe that they can do jobs like trimming and pruning of trees on their own and they may think that they can do it cheaper.

Well there are many reasons why a professional tree service can do the job right the first time and save a property owner a lot of money. To be honest a lot of property owners will save both time and money by using professionals. Life will be easier and their property will look a lot better because they went with the pros.

For example you can actually spread tree killing pests and funguses by trimming or pruning a tree at the wrong time of the year. Many property owners don’t realize this and end up spreading something that will harm their trees. You can also spread such pests by not disposing of waste from such jobs properly.

Then there’s safety, pruning and trimming trees can be a very dangerous activity. Hundreds of people are injured doing it each year. The potential hazards include falling from the tree, falling branches and improper use of dangerous tools including chainsaws. Many people end up in the hospital because they don’t know how to use the equipment.

An added concern is property damage if falling limbs land on a neighbor’s car the property owner will be liable for that damage. He or she can also be liable for damage to roofs, power lines, and buildings. To make matters worse insurance will probably not pay for such damage.

Amateur tree services can be just as bad or worse than doing it yourself. Hiring that guy who knocks on the door, your neighbor’s kid or that guy hanging around in the Lowe’s parking lot to trim your trees could save you money. It could also cost a fortune because chances are that character is not bonded or insured. Any damage he does will be your fault and you will have to pay for it.

To make matters worse he could make your trees look worse. Money paid out to amateur tree services is often money wasted. Hiring a professional service that is properly licensed, bonded and insured will save you money in the long run. More importantly an Alexandria, VA, tree service will employ professional arborists that can spot other problems with your trees. That can save you even more money. 

Emergency Tree Removal In Sunnyvale and You

One emergency that most home and property owners are not prepared for is a tree that needs to be removed. Whether it is dead, dying, leaning over or fallen over a big tree that needs to be removed can be a real problem.

Fortunately professional tree removal is available in Sunnyvale, CA and it is available 24 hours a day seven days a week. Professionals can come out to your home and start removing a downed tree as soon as you notice it. They can get the trunk and even the stump out of your yard and clear away all the debris.

In many cases the cost of their service can even be covered by your home or property owner’s insurance. If you want your insurance to cover the cost you will need to hire a professional Sunnyvale tree service that is licensed, bonded and insured. Most insurance companies will not reimburse you for work you do yourself or for work done by an amateur you hire off the street. They will only cover the cost of a professional that gives you an estimate.

Fortunately most professional tree services will give you a free estimate before they begin work. That means you will know how much it costs and you can even call your insurance company and see if it will pay before you authorize any work. You will be able to get the emergency tree removal you need.

Professional tree disposal is one less problem that you will have to deal with or worry about in an emergency. Instead of wondering what you’re going to do you can have the dead tree cut down and hauled away. That way you can begin dealing with other more important problems such as damage to your house. You’ll be able to begin clean up and repair efforts faster and have them over sooner.

All the Things That Trees do for Property and Home Owners

Before you balk at spending money on a professional tree service in Santa Clara, CA you should take a look at all the things that trees do for property and home-owners. When you look at the benefits that trees provide you, you will see that money spent to keep them healthy and alive is money well spent. 

Let’s just take a look at just a few of the things that trees do for home and property owners just before you think of removing your trees. Some of them just might surprise you. The benefits that trees can provide you include:

  • Shade this is an obvious one but it is an important especially in a desert environment.
  • Color, many species of tree provide color including greenery which is important. The color makes property more attractive and more valuable.
  • Character. Trees often add character to a property or a lot. Without them it would be nothing but dirt and rock. Older neighborhoods in particular are often defined by trees.
  • Foliage including trees, brushes and shrubs prevent erosion and stop flooding. This can keep your land from washing away.
  • Oaks and palms also provide a place for animals including squirrels and song birds to live. Many people couldn’t imagine living without these critters.
  • Fruit many kinds of tree including peaches, palms, orange, apples, elderberry etc. provide tasty fruits that people love to eat. This is organic food that is better for us and in many parts of the country people generate extra cash by selling it by the roadside.
  • Places for kids to play, who doesn’t have fond memories of that tree house dad built when they were a kid. Imagine your kids not having trees to climb and play in.
  • Increased property value. Properties that have trees on them are worth more. People pay a premium to live in older established neighborhoods with large trees.
  • Protection from weather including rain.
  • Beauty, many people just love looking at trees.
  • A sense of place many equate trees with an established neighborhood and a historic community. Quite a few people will not live in areas without trees.
  • Attraction to tenants. Many people will be more likely to rent a home or a commercial property with trees on the grounds. Some people will not rent where there are no trees.

With everything that trees do for us hiring a professional tree service makes sense. If it can keep trees alive and healthy, money spent on it is an investment in our properties. 

Friday, October 14, 2011

Getting Rid Of Those Ugly Shrub and Tree Stumps

So you’ve bought this nice house in Palo Alto, CA, and one of your projects is to redesign its old garden at the back. But when you check the area, what you see are unwanted tenants – trees and shrub planted there by the previous owner to lend a look of privacy to the property. But what could have been part of a beautiful landscaping many years ago is now an eyesore that needs to be eliminated. 

The solution? Cut the trees and shrub. It’s as simple as that. Or is it? The cutting part is simple, yes. You only need a chainsaw for that. But what about the stumps? Good if these are young stumps. But we’re talking here of stumps of old trees. They don’t give in that easily, especially to you who have zero knowledge about proper stump removal. 

To save time and resources, and yourself from possible injury, you need the experts to do the job for you. Any of the tree services Palo Alto, CA-based companies can solve all your stump removal and shrub removal concerns. But before you contact a tree expert, you must do your own research on the basic steps in stump removal and shrub removal. You may not be the one to do the dirty work in your backyard, but it’s your project and you should at least know what’s going on.  

The first thing to do is cut down the shrub or tree down to the stump. The tree-cutting phase has its own series of steps to follow, especially if it’s a huge tree. After the tree has been cut, you are now left with the stump. The next thing to do is to dig away the soil immediately surrounding the stump, leaving the stump exposed below the surface. Now that a good part of the stump below the surface is exposed, you will now chip away the stump with the use of a stump grinding machine. 

Grinding is usually done as deep as ten inches below the surface. That’s a good clearance for you to lay your new lawn without having to worry about the stump sticking out. You might be asking about the roots. What will happen to them? You don’t have to worry about the roots. They will rot over time. Besides, they are too deep down in the soil to be seen sticking out in the surface. But if you really insist that the roots must have to taken out as well, then prepare to have half of your garden excavated. Of course, you don’t need this unnecessary headache.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Getting Rid Of A Tree In Your Back Yard?

Why You Should Not Attempt To Remove Trees On Your Own

Removing a tree is not as simple as it sounds. There are a number of important considerations to take into account – from permits to safety precautions. Trees are protected by laws and ordinances, especially if they are a number of years old. Pulling down a tree is also a dangerous task, so you need to follow safety measures to protect yourself and the people and properties around you.

First thing you do is to determine if you can handle the job by yourself. If it’s a big and there are properties nearby, you must hire the services of people who are experts in the field. There are a number of companies in Atlanta that can help you. You can look for tree removal Atlanta groups in the Internet and choose one that suits your needs. 

But with all the tree removal companies existing today, choosing one might prove difficult for you, especially if you are too busy to do a research. If this is the case, you can hire a company that can assist your concerns. You can seek assistance from Premiere Tree Services, who will give you a list of companies to remove your tree.  

The importance of hiring Premiere Tree Services is that they can help you look a for tree service company that suits your location and the kind of tree you want removed. The three service companies in their list have years of experience behind them. 

The advantage of hiring experts to remove your tree is that it spares you the whole trouble. They take care of everything, from conducting an ocular survey of your place to landscaping the area after the job is done.

But most important of all, you can be assured of your safety and that of your neighbors if you hire the services of experts. Removing a tree is a complicated job. A person who is not trained for it should not attempt it. 

Besides, there are some laws and ordinances that prevent you from cutting trees whenever you like. Companies like Premiere Tree Services knows what are the laws that regulate the removal of trees in Atlanta. So that will be one more hassle off your back.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Why Bother Calling Tree Services Professionals

Do You Really Need Professional Tree Removal?

Many people will ask the question do I really need to use a professional tree service to remove a tree in Poughkeepsie, NY? After all most of us do know you how to use chainsaws or could figure out how to use one fairly quickly. Well the answer to this question yes you should use professionals to cut down a tree particularly if it is a big tree or close to a house, power lines or the street.

The reason for this quite obvious: the tree could easily fall on the house, the road or the power lines and do thousands or tens of thousands of dollars’ worth of damages. If it fell on the road it could destroy or damage a car and the people in it. If it fell on a house it could destroy the roof, the skylights or the chimney. 

A professional tree service Poughkeepsie, NY has special equipment that can be used to keep the tree from falling on people roads or buildings. They can make sure that the job is done in such a way that nobody gets hurt and no property is damaged. They can also make sure the trunk is hauled away and disposed of properly. Landfills will not take wood, a tree service knows where to get rid of it.

Tree removal in Poughkeepsie, NY is not something you should do yourself. You should always let the experts handle it. That way the job will done right, done once and most important of all done safely.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Tree Removal Done Easy

There’s only one way to do tree removal easily and quickly in a big city like Oakland. You should hire a professional tree service that knows the area and the trees in it. An Oakland tree service has the equipment, the expert employees and the experience to do the job right the first time.

They can completely get rid of the tree and make sure the trunk has been hauled away. The city and most garbage companies will not haul dead trees away. A service will so you can get that mess out of your yard as quickly as possible.

More importantly a professional company will ensure that the entire tree is removed. They can grind down the stump so that there will be nothing left and you can plant another tree or other plants where the stump was. You never have to know that ugly old elm was there in the first place.

A reputable tree service will advertise online and in the phone book. They will not go door to door looking for business or hang around the Home Depot parking lot looking for work. That guy with the old truck who bangs on your door or grabs you at the parking lot maybe cheap but guess what if he does any damage by improperly downing a tree guess who will be liable? You are that’s who. He’ll probably jump in the truck and drive away leaving you to clean up the mess and pay the bills.

A professional tree service is bonded and insured so that any damage caused will be paid for. More likely they aren’t likely to cause any damage in Oakland tree removal because they are professionals. 

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Do You Really Need Professional Tree Removal?

Many people will ask the question do I really need to use a professional tree service to remove a tree in Malibu? After all most of us do know you how to use chainsaws or could figure out how to use one fairly quickly. Well the answer to this question yes you should use professionals to cut down a tree particularly if it is a big tree or close to a house, power lines or the street.

The reason for this quite obvious: the tree could easily fall on the house, the road or the power lines and do thousands or tens of thousands of dollars’ worth of damages. If it fell on the road it could destroy or damage a car and the people in it. If it fell on a house it could destroy the roof, the skylights or the chimney. 

A professional tree service Malibu has special equipment that can be used to keep the tree from falling on people roads or buildings. They can make sure that the job is done in such a way that nobody gets hurt and no property is damaged. They can also make sure the trunk is hauled away and disposed of properly. Landfills in Los Angeles County will not take wood, a tree service knows where to get rid of it. Tree removal in Malibu is not something you should do yourself. You should always let the experts handle it. That way the job will done right, done once and most important of all done safely. 

Monday, September 12, 2011

Why Property Owners Need Professional Tree Removal and Tree Services

Most property owners know that they need professional help to do a lot of things including plumbing, electrical wiring and roof repair. Yet they believe that they can remove trees and perform tree maintenance chores including pruning themselves.

Cutting down and getting rid of a dead, dying or unwanted tree is actually a complex and dangerous chore that can take several hours. It can also require special skills and equipment that most people do not have. Can you cut down a tree in such a way so that it will not fall upon a house, a car, a building, the sidewalk, the street or the power lines? Something to remember is that the property owner will be liable for any damage or injuries caused by a falling tree.

Even if you can bring the tree down safely, do you know how to get rid of it? Most trash disposal companies do not haul dead wood off? You will have to find a pro to do that. Do you know how to remove the stump without tearing up the yard?

So it’s obvious why you need professional tree removal in Atlanta. Hiring the pros to do this task makes sense and can save you money in the long run. Even if you know how to do it, cutting down a dead tree can take several hours away from activities that you really enjoy or money making work.

Professional services can help with other tree related chores as well including spraying, pruning and trimming. It can take several hours to remove limbs from a tree and it has to be done safely. Do you have the proper tools and know how to use them safely.

Something to remember that any damage done by a falling limb is your responsibility. You will be liable for that damage. Even without the safety factor there is the time it will take. It can take several hours to prune a tree.

Tree services can save property owners time and money and help them keep their property looking good. That way you can concentrate on the things that you really want to do.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Tree Services can help all Property and Home Owners

Many people drive or walk by homes and businesses and see great looking trees and wonder what the secret is. The “secret” is an obvious one the owner of that property which you admire so much probably uses a professional tree service.

Such a company uses the right equipment, professional arborists and trained and experienced people to care for trees, brushes and shrubs. It can do all the work quickly, safely and effectively.

Many people assume that they can just hire that guy who knocks on your door or that character hanging out in the Home Depot parking lot to work on your trees. Nothing could be further from the truth, trees are complex living organisms that need professional care from experts. Those experts aren’t driving around your neighborhood in a junky old truck or hanging around in the Lowe’s parking lot.

What the Pros Can Do For You

Professional  in tree services in Indianapolis are just like any other professionals you have to call them. They can come out and give you free estimate after looking over your trees. That means you know how much it is going to cost and what it will entail.

Many people end up calling the pros after hiring those amateurs or some neighborhood kid to work on the trees. After the trees are messed up or harmed they call an expert for help.

Why not do it right the first time by hiring the experts with the proper equipment and knowledge from the beginning. That way you’ll know that work like trimming trees has been done right from the beginning.

Another advantage to using the pros is that they can spot problems like fungal infections and insect infestations before they harm your trees. That can save you thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars because you will not have to pay for tree removal and stump grinding or new trees to replace those removed.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A Professional Tree Service can Help Rental and Investment Property Owners

Something that rental and investment property owners should seriously consider is hiring professional tree services. Such a company can help improve the value and attractiveness of your property.

Well-groomed trees, bushes and shrubs make a property more attractive to potential renters and buyers. Dead, sick, untrimmed and un-pruned will drive owners away from a property. They also look unprofessional and just plain ugly. Potential purchasers and renters will think the property is un-maintained.

Anybody who purchases a foreclosure or any other property that has sat empty for more than a few months should definitely have a tree company look at the shrubs, brushes and trees on it. Even if they look healthy they could be infected with fungal diseases or infested with pests that could kill them. A tree service employs professional arborists that can identify such menaces and take steps to prevent them.

Another problem is that tree limbs can grow into power lines and building and cause damage. Limbs that grow over a roof can fall on the building and damage it. Limbs that grow over a neighbor’s property can also fall and cause damage you could be held liable for.

A service can also help with the problem of dead or dying trees or trees that get too big. It can remove those trees safely, completely, legally and quickly. In many cases it can be dangerous or hard to remove a tree. You will need to hire a special service to get rid of the trunk and you face the danger of it falling on a building or house and damaging it. The pros can remove such a trunk without any damage.

Finally there is the problem of stumps, a professional tree maintenance company can take care of them with a stump grinder. This is a device that can literally turn a stump into sawdust. That completely eliminates the problem. It will look as if there was never a stump there to begin with.

Friday, September 2, 2011

What are Tree Trimming and Stump Grinding?

If you own any sort of commercial, residential, investment or rental property with trees on it, tree trimming and stump grinding are two services you may need to take advantage of sooner or later. 

Benefits of Tree Trimming
Tree trimming is the pruning and cutting of trees and shrubs for appearance and safety. Trees that are regularly trimmed and pruned look better. This can increase the value and enhance the appearance of your property. For example houses with good looking foliage out front are often easier to sale or rent.

There are safety reasons for trimming of trees as well, limbs can grow into power lines and buildings. They should definitely cut before this happens. If limbs are not trimmed back you can end up paying thousands of dollars for repairs. If the limbs on your trees grow into a neighbor’s building or the power line you could be liable for the damages.

It is best to have your trees pruned and trimmed by a professional service. Such a service can do the job safely, effectively and quickly. Pruning can be very dangerous especially to those who are inexperienced at it. It can also cause damage that you would have to pay for, for example if the limbs you cut fell on your neighbor’s car, he could sue you.

Something else that people may not realize is that pruning limbs at the wrong time of the year can spread tree-killing funguses and insects. Obviously you do not want to do that.

What is Stump Grinding?
A stump grinder is a special machine that literally turns stumps into sawdust. Such a device can get rid of a stump without tearing up your yard or damaging your lawn or gardens. It can completely and totally get rid of a stump so you can plant a new tree, put in a garden or do some building.

Stump grinding can get property ready for building and get rid of unsightly stumps that are in your way. It has to be done by professional services but it is cheaper, safer and less destructive than traditional alternatives such as bulldozers and dynamite.

Like trimming, stump grinding should be done by the pros because stumps from dead trees need to be removed completely. Such stumps often contain fungal disease and insect pests that can spread to the rest of your trees or shrubs and kill them.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Keeping your Trees Healthy and Looking Good

Many property owners forget that trees need regular maintenance and care in order to stay healthy and looking good. Such care includes everyday maintenance such as pruning and some extra care such as spraying.

Tree spraying is very important these days because of all the tree killing pests and fungal diseases out there.  Spraying is the only way to prevent these menaces from killing your trees and it has to be done right. Hiring a professional service to spray your trees is the best way to keep them alive.

Fungal diseases are almost as big a problem as insects and they too can be controlled or stopped by spraying. To be effective spraying will have to be done early. This means you should have a professional arborist inspect your trees on a regular basis.

Kudzu and Your Trees
Another huge problem facing property owners especially in the south is kudzu. Kudzu is a vine that grows on trees and it can be a really big problem. It will not kill your trees but will definitely decrease the value of your property and make it look uglier.

Unfortunately kudzu removalcan damage or kill your trees if it is not done properly. Another problem with kudzu is that it can be very hard to get rid of. Therefore it is always a good idea to have professionals get rid of the vine.

Having chores like kudzu disposal and spraying taken care of by a professional tree service is always a really good idea. It can save you money and ensure the appearance of your property.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Tree Removal and Tree Pruning Get it Done Right

Despite what a lot of people think, tree removal and tree pruning are two jobs that should be done by professionals. These chores need to be done by the pros for a number of reasons:

First and foremost because both tree removal and tree pruning can be very dangerous. A falling tree can hurt or even kill you. So can a falling limb if it is not cut off properly.

Second because improper tree pruning and tree removal can lead to property damage. If a tree you cut down or a limb falls on your neighbor’s property and destroys or damages something you will be liable for any damages. You could be sued and there is a good chance that your insurance company will not cover those losses.

If that wasn’t bad enough improper pruning can lead to the spread of fungal diseases that can hurt and kill your trees. Pruning at the wrong time of year can spread fungal diseases and kill your trees.

Improper tree removal can also spread fungal diseases and pests that can kill your trees. If you do not remove the trunk of a dead tree quickly and properly, you the pests that killed it could quickly spread to your other trees and kill them.

A professional service can safely and effectively remove a tree in such a way that does not damage property. It can also safely prune your trees and make sure they look good.

A final reason why you need to hire a professional service is to make sure your trees look good. Professionally-pruned trees, shrubs and bushes will simply look better and add to your property’s value and appearance. A sloppy amateur job will make your property look worse.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Pine Beetle Now in Denver

The tree killing pest known as the mountain pine beetle has moved out of the mountains and is now in Denver and its suburbs. The Denver Post reports that the beetle can kill trees in urban areas like Denver and Boulder and suburbs such as Littleton, Lakewood and Centennial.

This means that homeowners throughout the west need to be on the lookout for the beetle. The beetle can quickly kill all of the pine trees on your property. Trees in urban settings do appear to be more resistant to the beetle but they can succumb. Professional arborists believe trees in the city are better watered so they are more likely to resist the beetle.

How to Tell if the Pine Beetle is on Your Property
If you see the needles on a pine turning brown it is a sign there is something wrong. Carefully watch your trees and the trees in your neighborhood for this. If you see a lot of pines on neighbors’ property there’s a good chance the pine beetle has moved into your neighborhood.

If you think the pine beetle is in the neighborhood hire a professional service to spray your trees. Spraying will usually stop the beetle and protect the trees.

The many urban and suburban neighborhoods in the Denver area that are adjacent to open space and forested land are more vulnerable to the pine beetle. The beetle can easily spread from trees on forested property to trees in yards. Mountain properties are more likely to be vulnerable than those in flatter areas like Denver and Aurora, but the beetle can crop up anywhere.

Things You Can Do to Prevent the Pine Beetle’s Spread
There are some steps you can take to prevent the pine beetle from spreading to your property. They include:

  • Have dead or dying pines removed as soon as possible.
  • Have your trees inspected by a professional arborist.
  • Cover firewood with plastic or store it in a shed or garage. Much of the firewood in Denver is beetle killed pine from the mountains.
  • Have trees sprayed if you think beetles are present

Sunday, August 14, 2011

New Threat to Walnut Trees in Pennsylvania

A major new threat to Walnut trees has appeared in Pennsylvania. The Thousand Cankers, a fungal disease spread by the Walnut Twig Beetle has been detected in Plumstead Township in Bucks County.
The Walnut Twig Beetle spreads the disease by tunneling into wood on the trees.

This disease causes the trees to literarily starve to death. The Philadelphia Inquirer reports that state officials are so concerned about the Walnut Twig Beetle that they have banned the export of firewood and unfinished wood from Bucks County to keep it from spreading to other parts of the state.

The disease has killed Black Walnuts in several states it was first detected in Colorado in 2003. Experts think this disease could be a threat to all Walnut trees including those on residential properties. Thousand Cankers has killed thousands of black walnut trees in the Western US. Since the Walnut Twig Beetle is tiny about the size of a poppy disease it is hard to detect.

The best way that property owners can protect their property is to hire a tree service that employees professional arborists. Such experts can inspect the trees from the Beetle and the disease and take action against them. Fast action is recommended because Thousand Cankers can quickly a tree. That means the diseased tree will have to be removed. In many cases the spread of the disease can be halted by spraying which should be done by professionals.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Shrubs Need Maintenance Too

Shrubs and bushes need care and maintenance just like trees do. Just like trees, shrubs and bushes need to be pruned and trimmed.
Bushes and shrubs are just as likely to be attacked by insects and other pests. That means they need to be inspected for bug infestations and fungal infections. Fungal infections and bug infestations can quickly spread to other shrubs and bushes and to your trees. If bushes and shrubs get too big they may have to be removed. Such removal should be done by a professional tree service because these plants can grow back quickly from roots if they are not properly removed. All of the roots of a dead, sick or infested bush or shrub should be pulled up because fungal inspections can spread to other brushes and trees through the roots. A professional tree service will be able to do this quickly and properly. Just like trees, brushes and shrubs should be inspected by a professional arborist on a regular basis. Such an arborist can spot problems and properly remove diseased or infested shrubs and brushes. A professional tree service can also properly prune and trim shrubs and hedges. Thick Underbrush Brushes and shrubs can even become a fire hazard. Thick dry underbrush can easily catch fire and the resulting blaze can destroy everything on a property. Removing underbrush is one of the best ways to reduce the fire hazard on a piece of property.
Thick underbrush can also be home to a wide variety of animals and bugs that you don’t want on your property. This includes squirrels, rabbits, rats, mice, scorpions, snakes, ants, spiders, ticks and chiggers. Therefore removing it can make your property safer and healthier for your family or your tenants. Finally, thick underbrush can get in the way of building or development efforts. Having it removed by a professional service can reduce the cost of construction and excavation without reducing the natural beauty of your property.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

How Vulnerable are Your Trees to Pests and Blights?

It seems that there is an army of pests and an almost number of fungal diseases attacking Columbus's trees these days. Not surprisingly many property owners are wondering how vulnerable are my Houston trees to these threats?
This question is hard to answer because every tree is different. Experts note that some species are more vulnerable than others. Red Oaks are more vulnerable to Oak Wilt but all Oaks are threatened by that deadly fungus. Most tree experts think that native species of trees are in greater danger because many of the pests are invasive or exotic insects and diseases. Examples of this menace include the Emerald Ash Borer and the Asian Long Horned Beetle, both of which are threatening trees in the Midwest.
The sad truth is that all trees are vulnerable to these pestilences these days. The number of invasive species seems to be increasing everyday and the destruction they do is multiplying. Such menaces often attack the largest trees that add the most value to properties. All property owners need to realize that all of their Los Angeles Trees are potentially in danger from such threats. The problem is actually worse than homeowners imagine, because insects and fungal infections can kill a healthy tree in a matter of months. That is why it is so important to get your trees inspected by a good tree service that employs professional arborists on a regular basis. The pros can spot the threats before they get out of control and kill your trees. If there is a fungal infection or insect infestation, professionals can often stop it by spraying. If they cannot they can remove the infected or infested tree in a safe and speedy manner so the threat does not kill all of your trees. The threats to Austin’s trees and trees all over the country are increasing everyday. Therefore it is vital that every property owner employ a professional tree service to preserve the beauty and value of his or her property.

Monday, July 25, 2011

You Should Use a Licensed Professional Tree Service for Spraying

You should always use a licensed professional tree service when you get your shrubs and trees sprayed. The main reason you should do this is an obvious one: the safety of yourself, your family, your neighbors and your trees. The herbicides and pesticides used in tree spraying can be dangerous chemicals if they are not applied safely. If the spraying is done by professionals there should be no danger from it. If the spraying is done by amateurs a lot of damage can be done. Recent news reports indicate that a herbicide called Imprelis killed large numbers of pine and other trees in the Midwest. The reason this chemical killed those trees was that it was improperly applied. That means you could be putting your trees in danger if you use an amateur tree service. Your best course of action is to have all tree spraying done by a professional service that is licensed and established in your community. There are several reasons you will want to do this. The first is that a professional service will do a professional job. Nobody wants to have amateurs come on their property with dangerous chemicals. That is exactly what could happen if you hire somebody who knocks on your door to spray your trees.
A second and equally important reason is that an established service based in your community can be held accountable for its actions. If they do any damage you can call them back and have them fix it or at least get some damages out of them. A professional service will be bonded or insured so that damage is covered. A third reason is that you could be held responsible for any damage done by an amateur service. If your neighbors’ property is damaged by such spraying, the neighbor can sue you for the damage. A fourth reason why you should hire a professional service is that it could be illegal to be have somebody without the proper license spraying your trees. A person who is going around taking money for spraying does not necessarily have a license. Most door to door tree service people do not. You could be held liable and even face a fine for using an unlicensed service to spray your trees. An established professional tree service in your community will have the proper licenses. That way you can avoid any legal trouble and keep your trees healthy. More importantly you will know that your family and your neighbors will be safe because the spraying was done by a professional.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Selective Tree Removal

Selective tree removal is vital for the health and appearance of trees. Selective removal means the felling of trees that are sick, dead or unwanted. It is vital for forest health because many dead and sick trees contain pests and tree killing fungus. The only way to prevent these from spreading to the rest of the trees is to get rid of the infected or infested wood. Even the roots and stumps of dead trees can spread such plagues. Keeping a reasonable distance between trees usually a few feet can prevent the spread of diseases and pests. It also makes for healthier vegetation because fewer trees are competing for fewer resources. In many cases whole groves can die out because too many trees can use up the water and nutrients.
Thick strands of trees and lots of shrubbery can also create a major fire hazard. Selectively removing trees will reduce this hazard and make it easier to move through the woods. A good rule of thumb is to cut down any tree that is within five feet of another tree. This will make your property easier to move through and more attractive. You will be able to mow grass and remove weeds along the bases of the trees. The best method of selective tree removal is to hire a professional arborist to examine your trees and tell you which ones to remove. An arborist cannot only tell you which trees to take out. Arborists from a professional tree service have the tools and equipment necessary to take out the unwanted, sick or dead trees safely, quickly and efficiently. Such professionals can bring in equipment such as stump grinders so that entire trees are removed quickly. This will reduce the chances of pests or diseases spreading to your healthy trees and eliminate the fire hazard posed by dead wood.