Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Palms Need Care and Maintenance Too

Contrary to popular belief palms need care and maintenance just like any other tree. Home and property owners in Southern California to take active steps to keep their palms healthy and attractive, after all palm trees are part of the California lifestyle. Pests like the Red Palm Weevil and the Royal Palm Bug threaten palms and palms also need special fertilizer and other kinds of care. The sad thing is that many homeowners do not perform simple maintenance such as fertilizing and applying insecticide.
That means they end up cutting down a palm which could potentially increase the value and appeal of their property. Worse they have the expense of tree removal and the problem of planting a new palm. This kind of expense can be easy averted with proper tree care. Quite a few property owners could avoid having to cut down a palm or replace it with a new tree - if they had just hired a professional tree service to maintain their palms. Simply having a professional arborist take a look at your palms or palm once a year could make all the difference. An arborist is a professional tree expert that can examine your palms and see if there is any problem. If you own a rental home or commercial property, a tree service can be tax deductible because it is a business expense. Spending some money on professional care to preserve the health of your palms and the appearance of your property makes a lot of sense.
The truth of course is that there is no tree that does need care. All trees need regular care to maintain their health. Without professional pruning and trimming and spraying trees not only become unattractive they can die. A good tree service can maintain all of your trees including willows, evergreens and eucalyptus as well as palms and preserve the unique appearance of your property. Spending a little money now to keep palms and other trees healthy and looking good makes sense.

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