Monday, October 24, 2011

All the Things That Trees do for Property and Home Owners

Before you balk at spending money on a professional tree service in Santa Clara, CA you should take a look at all the things that trees do for property and home-owners. When you look at the benefits that trees provide you, you will see that money spent to keep them healthy and alive is money well spent. 

Let’s just take a look at just a few of the things that trees do for home and property owners just before you think of removing your trees. Some of them just might surprise you. The benefits that trees can provide you include:

  • Shade this is an obvious one but it is an important especially in a desert environment.
  • Color, many species of tree provide color including greenery which is important. The color makes property more attractive and more valuable.
  • Character. Trees often add character to a property or a lot. Without them it would be nothing but dirt and rock. Older neighborhoods in particular are often defined by trees.
  • Foliage including trees, brushes and shrubs prevent erosion and stop flooding. This can keep your land from washing away.
  • Oaks and palms also provide a place for animals including squirrels and song birds to live. Many people couldn’t imagine living without these critters.
  • Fruit many kinds of tree including peaches, palms, orange, apples, elderberry etc. provide tasty fruits that people love to eat. This is organic food that is better for us and in many parts of the country people generate extra cash by selling it by the roadside.
  • Places for kids to play, who doesn’t have fond memories of that tree house dad built when they were a kid. Imagine your kids not having trees to climb and play in.
  • Increased property value. Properties that have trees on them are worth more. People pay a premium to live in older established neighborhoods with large trees.
  • Protection from weather including rain.
  • Beauty, many people just love looking at trees.
  • A sense of place many equate trees with an established neighborhood and a historic community. Quite a few people will not live in areas without trees.
  • Attraction to tenants. Many people will be more likely to rent a home or a commercial property with trees on the grounds. Some people will not rent where there are no trees.

With everything that trees do for us hiring a professional tree service makes sense. If it can keep trees alive and healthy, money spent on it is an investment in our properties. 

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