Monday, July 25, 2011

You Should Use a Licensed Professional Tree Service for Spraying

You should always use a licensed professional tree service when you get your shrubs and trees sprayed. The main reason you should do this is an obvious one: the safety of yourself, your family, your neighbors and your trees. The herbicides and pesticides used in tree spraying can be dangerous chemicals if they are not applied safely. If the spraying is done by professionals there should be no danger from it. If the spraying is done by amateurs a lot of damage can be done. Recent news reports indicate that a herbicide called Imprelis killed large numbers of pine and other trees in the Midwest. The reason this chemical killed those trees was that it was improperly applied. That means you could be putting your trees in danger if you use an amateur tree service. Your best course of action is to have all tree spraying done by a professional service that is licensed and established in your community. There are several reasons you will want to do this. The first is that a professional service will do a professional job. Nobody wants to have amateurs come on their property with dangerous chemicals. That is exactly what could happen if you hire somebody who knocks on your door to spray your trees.
A second and equally important reason is that an established service based in your community can be held accountable for its actions. If they do any damage you can call them back and have them fix it or at least get some damages out of them. A professional service will be bonded or insured so that damage is covered. A third reason is that you could be held responsible for any damage done by an amateur service. If your neighbors’ property is damaged by such spraying, the neighbor can sue you for the damage. A fourth reason why you should hire a professional service is that it could be illegal to be have somebody without the proper license spraying your trees. A person who is going around taking money for spraying does not necessarily have a license. Most door to door tree service people do not. You could be held liable and even face a fine for using an unlicensed service to spray your trees. An established professional tree service in your community will have the proper licenses. That way you can avoid any legal trouble and keep your trees healthy. More importantly you will know that your family and your neighbors will be safe because the spraying was done by a professional.

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