Saturday, July 2, 2011

Why You Should Hire a Professional Tree Service

Every summer tens of thousands of homeowners get ripped off because they do not hire a professional tree service. Instead of a trained arborist they hire the guy hanging around the Home Depot parking lot, a neighborhood kid or worse somebody who knocks on their door to take care of their trees.
Using such amateurs is an invitation to disaster because most of them do not know what they are doing. For example they probably will not be able to spot trees that are infected with deadly diseases or infested by tree killing pests. Nor will they be able to spray the trees to prevent the spread of such destructive maladies. Many of these amateurs do not know how to properly trim or prune trees. They often end up damaging trees and your property. Worse they can do hundreds of thousands of dollars to your neighbor’s property that you will end up paying for. To make matters worse, quite a few of the door to door tree maintenance guys are actually professional criminals. Instead of coming to work on your trees, these characters are interested in cleaning out your pocket books quite a few of them actually take money upfront and do not do the work. Others are actually casing your property for burglary. Or they will do a shoddy and substandard job and leave town. These people do not care about your trees or your property. As soon as they get their money they will be gone. There will be no way to get reimbursed for any damage they do to your trees or your property. Worst of all if their amateur work damages your neighbor’s property you will be liable for it. If a limb they cut off falls on your neighbor’s car you will end up paying for the repairs. If they damage the power lines or your neighbor’s roof you will be liable for the repairs. That means you could be sued and the damage will not be covered by your insurance. Therefore you should hire a professional tree service. A professional service will have the proper training, expertise and equipment. It will also be bonded and insured so that any damage done will be covered. More importantly a professional service that is established in the community wants a good reputation. They want to come back year after year to work on your trees. So they will do a good job. The traveling tree services will not. It always pays to hire a professional tree service, the extra money you spend will make life easier for you and your trees.

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