Monday, October 24, 2011

Save A Forest, Plant A Tree, But Do It Right

We have been told thousands of times about the importance of planting trees. But how many of these plant-a-tree campaigns teach us how to plant trees? The reason why many trees don’t live years is that they were not planted the proper way. Planting a tree does not consist of simply digging a hole, burying a seedling there and praying it will grow into a giant shelter for wild birds. Proper procedures have to be followed.

In fact, anything related to trees must be done with the help of professionals. In Cumming, GA, there are companies who offer any type of service regarding trees. Since there are many of them in existence, and you don’t have time to research on each one of them, you can ask companies like Premiere Trees Services to help you out.

Premiere Trees Services can link you to any of the tree service Cumming, GA companies for your tree planting concerns. On your own, you need to do some research too. If you plan to have lush trees around your house, you will have to care for them. And you cannot look after your trees if you don’t anything about the basics in tree planting.

First off, you need to decide if what you want is horticultural or wildland planting. If you are living in an urban environment, horticultural tree planting is the most practical option. This is the type of tree planting used by house owners who want to have a green landscaping for their property.

Horticultural plants usually have intact root balls, which makes possible to plant them in any season. They also need to be taken care of more meticulously since they serve not just as shades but as ornaments.

If you want to revive an entire forest, wildland planting is for you. This is the type of planting initiated by governments and organizations to save forests and wild vegetations. Since it involves huge land areas, a more extensive planning and preparation is involved. Wildlife planting is cheaper on a per tree computation. But the sheer magnitude of the project makes it very expensive.

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