Friday, September 2, 2011

What are Tree Trimming and Stump Grinding?

If you own any sort of commercial, residential, investment or rental property with trees on it, tree trimming and stump grinding are two services you may need to take advantage of sooner or later. 

Benefits of Tree Trimming
Tree trimming is the pruning and cutting of trees and shrubs for appearance and safety. Trees that are regularly trimmed and pruned look better. This can increase the value and enhance the appearance of your property. For example houses with good looking foliage out front are often easier to sale or rent.

There are safety reasons for trimming of trees as well, limbs can grow into power lines and buildings. They should definitely cut before this happens. If limbs are not trimmed back you can end up paying thousands of dollars for repairs. If the limbs on your trees grow into a neighbor’s building or the power line you could be liable for the damages.

It is best to have your trees pruned and trimmed by a professional service. Such a service can do the job safely, effectively and quickly. Pruning can be very dangerous especially to those who are inexperienced at it. It can also cause damage that you would have to pay for, for example if the limbs you cut fell on your neighbor’s car, he could sue you.

Something else that people may not realize is that pruning limbs at the wrong time of the year can spread tree-killing funguses and insects. Obviously you do not want to do that.

What is Stump Grinding?
A stump grinder is a special machine that literally turns stumps into sawdust. Such a device can get rid of a stump without tearing up your yard or damaging your lawn or gardens. It can completely and totally get rid of a stump so you can plant a new tree, put in a garden or do some building.

Stump grinding can get property ready for building and get rid of unsightly stumps that are in your way. It has to be done by professional services but it is cheaper, safer and less destructive than traditional alternatives such as bulldozers and dynamite.

Like trimming, stump grinding should be done by the pros because stumps from dead trees need to be removed completely. Such stumps often contain fungal disease and insect pests that can spread to the rest of your trees or shrubs and kill them.


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