Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Selective Tree Removal

Selective tree removal is vital for the health and appearance of trees. Selective removal means the felling of trees that are sick, dead or unwanted. It is vital for forest health because many dead and sick trees contain pests and tree killing fungus. The only way to prevent these from spreading to the rest of the trees is to get rid of the infected or infested wood. Even the roots and stumps of dead trees can spread such plagues. Keeping a reasonable distance between trees usually a few feet can prevent the spread of diseases and pests. It also makes for healthier vegetation because fewer trees are competing for fewer resources. In many cases whole groves can die out because too many trees can use up the water and nutrients.
Thick strands of trees and lots of shrubbery can also create a major fire hazard. Selectively removing trees will reduce this hazard and make it easier to move through the woods. A good rule of thumb is to cut down any tree that is within five feet of another tree. This will make your property easier to move through and more attractive. You will be able to mow grass and remove weeds along the bases of the trees. The best method of selective tree removal is to hire a professional arborist to examine your trees and tell you which ones to remove. An arborist cannot only tell you which trees to take out. Arborists from a professional tree service have the tools and equipment necessary to take out the unwanted, sick or dead trees safely, quickly and efficiently. Such professionals can bring in equipment such as stump grinders so that entire trees are removed quickly. This will reduce the chances of pests or diseases spreading to your healthy trees and eliminate the fire hazard posed by dead wood.

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