Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Dead Trees Must be Removed

The terrible forest fires burning in parts of the west prove one thing: dead trees must be removed. If you own wooded land or property adjacent to woodlands, forests or empty lands you need to remove all dead and dying trees from your property. The reason for this is obvious dead trees are the fuel that spreads forest fires. Just this summer, two large towns in New Mexico Las Alamos and Raton were threatened by forest fires. A large forest fire also burned in the outskirts of Boulder, Colorado, and forced the evacuation of hundreds of home owners.
The reason the fires are so bad this year is the drought in much of the West. Despite record snowfalls in Colorado and other states, there has been little or no precipitation in many areas for months. This means that the forests are dry and likely to catch fire. To make matters worse, Colorado is in the midst of a terrible pine beetle epidemic. The pine beetle is a pest that kills trees and makes the situation worse. This means it is a good idea to have a professional tree service look at your property. A tree service’s arborists can remove dead trees and dying trees quickly and effectively. More importantly a tree service can stop the spread of the pine beetle by spraying for it. Such a service can remove dead trees safely and effectively. If you have pine, spruce or evergreen trees on your property you could vulnerable to forest fires. If any evergreen tree’s needles turn brown it is probably dying and will have to be removed. The sooner the dead tree is removed the sooner the fire danger will be lessened. A dead tree is a major fire hazard because in the present drought conditions in the west it can go up in flames in a few minutes. A wildfire can go through a forested lot as quickly as the wind can blow. This means that just minutes after a tree on your property goes up in flames your home could be up burning. By the time the fire department reaches your property all of your possessions could be destroyed.
Therefore you owe it to yourself and your family to have professional arborists look at your property. These experts can take the steps necessary to remove the fire hazard posed by dead trees.

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