Monday, August 29, 2011

Keeping your Trees Healthy and Looking Good

Many property owners forget that trees need regular maintenance and care in order to stay healthy and looking good. Such care includes everyday maintenance such as pruning and some extra care such as spraying.

Tree spraying is very important these days because of all the tree killing pests and fungal diseases out there.  Spraying is the only way to prevent these menaces from killing your trees and it has to be done right. Hiring a professional service to spray your trees is the best way to keep them alive.

Fungal diseases are almost as big a problem as insects and they too can be controlled or stopped by spraying. To be effective spraying will have to be done early. This means you should have a professional arborist inspect your trees on a regular basis.

Kudzu and Your Trees
Another huge problem facing property owners especially in the south is kudzu. Kudzu is a vine that grows on trees and it can be a really big problem. It will not kill your trees but will definitely decrease the value of your property and make it look uglier.

Unfortunately kudzu removalcan damage or kill your trees if it is not done properly. Another problem with kudzu is that it can be very hard to get rid of. Therefore it is always a good idea to have professionals get rid of the vine.

Having chores like kudzu disposal and spraying taken care of by a professional tree service is always a really good idea. It can save you money and ensure the appearance of your property.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Tree Removal and Tree Pruning Get it Done Right

Despite what a lot of people think, tree removal and tree pruning are two jobs that should be done by professionals. These chores need to be done by the pros for a number of reasons:

First and foremost because both tree removal and tree pruning can be very dangerous. A falling tree can hurt or even kill you. So can a falling limb if it is not cut off properly.

Second because improper tree pruning and tree removal can lead to property damage. If a tree you cut down or a limb falls on your neighbor’s property and destroys or damages something you will be liable for any damages. You could be sued and there is a good chance that your insurance company will not cover those losses.

If that wasn’t bad enough improper pruning can lead to the spread of fungal diseases that can hurt and kill your trees. Pruning at the wrong time of year can spread fungal diseases and kill your trees.

Improper tree removal can also spread fungal diseases and pests that can kill your trees. If you do not remove the trunk of a dead tree quickly and properly, you the pests that killed it could quickly spread to your other trees and kill them.

A professional service can safely and effectively remove a tree in such a way that does not damage property. It can also safely prune your trees and make sure they look good.

A final reason why you need to hire a professional service is to make sure your trees look good. Professionally-pruned trees, shrubs and bushes will simply look better and add to your property’s value and appearance. A sloppy amateur job will make your property look worse.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Pine Beetle Now in Denver

The tree killing pest known as the mountain pine beetle has moved out of the mountains and is now in Denver and its suburbs. The Denver Post reports that the beetle can kill trees in urban areas like Denver and Boulder and suburbs such as Littleton, Lakewood and Centennial.

This means that homeowners throughout the west need to be on the lookout for the beetle. The beetle can quickly kill all of the pine trees on your property. Trees in urban settings do appear to be more resistant to the beetle but they can succumb. Professional arborists believe trees in the city are better watered so they are more likely to resist the beetle.

How to Tell if the Pine Beetle is on Your Property
If you see the needles on a pine turning brown it is a sign there is something wrong. Carefully watch your trees and the trees in your neighborhood for this. If you see a lot of pines on neighbors’ property there’s a good chance the pine beetle has moved into your neighborhood.

If you think the pine beetle is in the neighborhood hire a professional service to spray your trees. Spraying will usually stop the beetle and protect the trees.

The many urban and suburban neighborhoods in the Denver area that are adjacent to open space and forested land are more vulnerable to the pine beetle. The beetle can easily spread from trees on forested property to trees in yards. Mountain properties are more likely to be vulnerable than those in flatter areas like Denver and Aurora, but the beetle can crop up anywhere.

Things You Can Do to Prevent the Pine Beetle’s Spread
There are some steps you can take to prevent the pine beetle from spreading to your property. They include:

  • Have dead or dying pines removed as soon as possible.
  • Have your trees inspected by a professional arborist.
  • Cover firewood with plastic or store it in a shed or garage. Much of the firewood in Denver is beetle killed pine from the mountains.
  • Have trees sprayed if you think beetles are present

Sunday, August 14, 2011

New Threat to Walnut Trees in Pennsylvania

A major new threat to Walnut trees has appeared in Pennsylvania. The Thousand Cankers, a fungal disease spread by the Walnut Twig Beetle has been detected in Plumstead Township in Bucks County.
The Walnut Twig Beetle spreads the disease by tunneling into wood on the trees.

This disease causes the trees to literarily starve to death. The Philadelphia Inquirer reports that state officials are so concerned about the Walnut Twig Beetle that they have banned the export of firewood and unfinished wood from Bucks County to keep it from spreading to other parts of the state.

The disease has killed Black Walnuts in several states it was first detected in Colorado in 2003. Experts think this disease could be a threat to all Walnut trees including those on residential properties. Thousand Cankers has killed thousands of black walnut trees in the Western US. Since the Walnut Twig Beetle is tiny about the size of a poppy disease it is hard to detect.

The best way that property owners can protect their property is to hire a tree service that employees professional arborists. Such experts can inspect the trees from the Beetle and the disease and take action against them. Fast action is recommended because Thousand Cankers can quickly a tree. That means the diseased tree will have to be removed. In many cases the spread of the disease can be halted by spraying which should be done by professionals.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Shrubs Need Maintenance Too

Shrubs and bushes need care and maintenance just like trees do. Just like trees, shrubs and bushes need to be pruned and trimmed.
Bushes and shrubs are just as likely to be attacked by insects and other pests. That means they need to be inspected for bug infestations and fungal infections. Fungal infections and bug infestations can quickly spread to other shrubs and bushes and to your trees. If bushes and shrubs get too big they may have to be removed. Such removal should be done by a professional tree service because these plants can grow back quickly from roots if they are not properly removed. All of the roots of a dead, sick or infested bush or shrub should be pulled up because fungal inspections can spread to other brushes and trees through the roots. A professional tree service will be able to do this quickly and properly. Just like trees, brushes and shrubs should be inspected by a professional arborist on a regular basis. Such an arborist can spot problems and properly remove diseased or infested shrubs and brushes. A professional tree service can also properly prune and trim shrubs and hedges. Thick Underbrush Brushes and shrubs can even become a fire hazard. Thick dry underbrush can easily catch fire and the resulting blaze can destroy everything on a property. Removing underbrush is one of the best ways to reduce the fire hazard on a piece of property.
Thick underbrush can also be home to a wide variety of animals and bugs that you don’t want on your property. This includes squirrels, rabbits, rats, mice, scorpions, snakes, ants, spiders, ticks and chiggers. Therefore removing it can make your property safer and healthier for your family or your tenants. Finally, thick underbrush can get in the way of building or development efforts. Having it removed by a professional service can reduce the cost of construction and excavation without reducing the natural beauty of your property.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

How Vulnerable are Your Trees to Pests and Blights?

It seems that there is an army of pests and an almost number of fungal diseases attacking Columbus's trees these days. Not surprisingly many property owners are wondering how vulnerable are my Houston trees to these threats?
This question is hard to answer because every tree is different. Experts note that some species are more vulnerable than others. Red Oaks are more vulnerable to Oak Wilt but all Oaks are threatened by that deadly fungus. Most tree experts think that native species of trees are in greater danger because many of the pests are invasive or exotic insects and diseases. Examples of this menace include the Emerald Ash Borer and the Asian Long Horned Beetle, both of which are threatening trees in the Midwest.
The sad truth is that all trees are vulnerable to these pestilences these days. The number of invasive species seems to be increasing everyday and the destruction they do is multiplying. Such menaces often attack the largest trees that add the most value to properties. All property owners need to realize that all of their Los Angeles Trees are potentially in danger from such threats. The problem is actually worse than homeowners imagine, because insects and fungal infections can kill a healthy tree in a matter of months. That is why it is so important to get your trees inspected by a good tree service that employs professional arborists on a regular basis. The pros can spot the threats before they get out of control and kill your trees. If there is a fungal infection or insect infestation, professionals can often stop it by spraying. If they cannot they can remove the infected or infested tree in a safe and speedy manner so the threat does not kill all of your trees. The threats to Austin’s trees and trees all over the country are increasing everyday. Therefore it is vital that every property owner employ a professional tree service to preserve the beauty and value of his or her property.