Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Holiday Tree Dedications

Finding the perfect gift for family and friends around the holidays can be a grueling endeavor. Everyone expects to get what’s on their Christmas list so they don’t have to stand in the Returns line the day after Christmas. But there’s a way to give a meaningful gift that anyone would love without standing in any lines. TreePeople of Los Angeles suggests gifting a tree this year. Ordering a dedication tree offers a long lasting gift that people all over the state of California can enjoy for years to come.

Each year, thousands of gift trees are ordered through TreePeople, as well as other gift tree websites, and are becoming a popular gift for all occasions. Gifting a tree not only makes a wonderful gift for the holidays, it can also commemorate a special occasion such as an anniversary, birthday, new birth, or dedication to a lost loved one.

A gift tree is also an eco-conscious contribution to restoring the local environment and involving friends and family in the rebuilding of our nation’s forests. TreePeople, based in Los Angeles, have received donations from residents as far as San Diego who have donated trees to honor their loved ones, in an effort to revitalize the Angeles National Forest in California. The donations help plant new trees as well as maintain trees that have been donated already.

Though TreePeople doesn’t know exactly where your tree will be planted, and can’t guarantee a specific location, all dedication trees are planted within in the park woodlands and mountain forests of the Angeles National Forest. The area has been chosen because of deforestation caused by wildfires, neglect, and other natural causes. Because so many trees are donated throughout the year, it’s not possible to put markers on every tree, but participation is encouraged. If you’d like to make your gift exceptionally special, tree planting events are open to dedicators and recipients.

During the holiday season, each donation is given special attention by presenting your honoree with a personalized greeting card and a certificate of announcement as a token of gratitude.

This year think outside the big box stores and celebrate the future of our planet. Tree donations start at $25 and multiple trees can be donated at a discount. Perhaps you’re looking for a way to involve your friends and family in green efforts – donating a tree is a great way to show them how they can make a difference.

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