Monday, October 24, 2011

Make Sure Tree Pruning and Trimming is done Right the First Time

Many property owners will wonder why they need a professional Alexandria, VA, tree service. After all they believe that they can do jobs like trimming and pruning of trees on their own and they may think that they can do it cheaper.

Well there are many reasons why a professional tree service can do the job right the first time and save a property owner a lot of money. To be honest a lot of property owners will save both time and money by using professionals. Life will be easier and their property will look a lot better because they went with the pros.

For example you can actually spread tree killing pests and funguses by trimming or pruning a tree at the wrong time of the year. Many property owners don’t realize this and end up spreading something that will harm their trees. You can also spread such pests by not disposing of waste from such jobs properly.

Then there’s safety, pruning and trimming trees can be a very dangerous activity. Hundreds of people are injured doing it each year. The potential hazards include falling from the tree, falling branches and improper use of dangerous tools including chainsaws. Many people end up in the hospital because they don’t know how to use the equipment.

An added concern is property damage if falling limbs land on a neighbor’s car the property owner will be liable for that damage. He or she can also be liable for damage to roofs, power lines, and buildings. To make matters worse insurance will probably not pay for such damage.

Amateur tree services can be just as bad or worse than doing it yourself. Hiring that guy who knocks on the door, your neighbor’s kid or that guy hanging around in the Lowe’s parking lot to trim your trees could save you money. It could also cost a fortune because chances are that character is not bonded or insured. Any damage he does will be your fault and you will have to pay for it.

To make matters worse he could make your trees look worse. Money paid out to amateur tree services is often money wasted. Hiring a professional service that is properly licensed, bonded and insured will save you money in the long run. More importantly an Alexandria, VA, tree service will employ professional arborists that can spot other problems with your trees. That can save you even more money. 

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  1. Tree pruning must be done properly, if not you could risk your tree feeding it's dead branches nutrients that the smaller branches at the time need.

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