Friday, October 14, 2011

Getting Rid Of Those Ugly Shrub and Tree Stumps

So you’ve bought this nice house in Palo Alto, CA, and one of your projects is to redesign its old garden at the back. But when you check the area, what you see are unwanted tenants – trees and shrub planted there by the previous owner to lend a look of privacy to the property. But what could have been part of a beautiful landscaping many years ago is now an eyesore that needs to be eliminated. 

The solution? Cut the trees and shrub. It’s as simple as that. Or is it? The cutting part is simple, yes. You only need a chainsaw for that. But what about the stumps? Good if these are young stumps. But we’re talking here of stumps of old trees. They don’t give in that easily, especially to you who have zero knowledge about proper stump removal. 

To save time and resources, and yourself from possible injury, you need the experts to do the job for you. Any of the tree services Palo Alto, CA-based companies can solve all your stump removal and shrub removal concerns. But before you contact a tree expert, you must do your own research on the basic steps in stump removal and shrub removal. You may not be the one to do the dirty work in your backyard, but it’s your project and you should at least know what’s going on.  

The first thing to do is cut down the shrub or tree down to the stump. The tree-cutting phase has its own series of steps to follow, especially if it’s a huge tree. After the tree has been cut, you are now left with the stump. The next thing to do is to dig away the soil immediately surrounding the stump, leaving the stump exposed below the surface. Now that a good part of the stump below the surface is exposed, you will now chip away the stump with the use of a stump grinding machine. 

Grinding is usually done as deep as ten inches below the surface. That’s a good clearance for you to lay your new lawn without having to worry about the stump sticking out. You might be asking about the roots. What will happen to them? You don’t have to worry about the roots. They will rot over time. Besides, they are too deep down in the soil to be seen sticking out in the surface. But if you really insist that the roots must have to taken out as well, then prepare to have half of your garden excavated. Of course, you don’t need this unnecessary headache.


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