Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A Professional Tree Service can Help Rental and Investment Property Owners

Something that rental and investment property owners should seriously consider is hiring professional tree services. Such a company can help improve the value and attractiveness of your property.

Well-groomed trees, bushes and shrubs make a property more attractive to potential renters and buyers. Dead, sick, untrimmed and un-pruned will drive owners away from a property. They also look unprofessional and just plain ugly. Potential purchasers and renters will think the property is un-maintained.

Anybody who purchases a foreclosure or any other property that has sat empty for more than a few months should definitely have a tree company look at the shrubs, brushes and trees on it. Even if they look healthy they could be infected with fungal diseases or infested with pests that could kill them. A tree service employs professional arborists that can identify such menaces and take steps to prevent them.

Another problem is that tree limbs can grow into power lines and building and cause damage. Limbs that grow over a roof can fall on the building and damage it. Limbs that grow over a neighbor’s property can also fall and cause damage you could be held liable for.

A service can also help with the problem of dead or dying trees or trees that get too big. It can remove those trees safely, completely, legally and quickly. In many cases it can be dangerous or hard to remove a tree. You will need to hire a special service to get rid of the trunk and you face the danger of it falling on a building or house and damaging it. The pros can remove such a trunk without any damage.

Finally there is the problem of stumps, a professional tree maintenance company can take care of them with a stump grinder. This is a device that can literally turn a stump into sawdust. That completely eliminates the problem. It will look as if there was never a stump there to begin with.

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