Saturday, July 2, 2011

Pruning, Trimming and Tree Pests

Many people do not realize it but pruning and trimming done in the wrong way can actually hurt trees. The reason these activities can hurt trees is that improper pruning and trimming can actually spread some diseases that can kill trees.
Tree killing diseases like Oak Wilt actually spread faster if trees are pruned at the wrong time of the year. To make matters worse the waste left from trimming and pruning can also spread fungus if it is not disposed of in a proper manner. Such wastes can spread some of the insects that attack trees. The best way for a property owner to prevent the spread of fungus like Beech Bark and Maple Tar Spot is to have trees maintained by a professional tree service. A good service will employ professional arborists who can prune and trim trees in such a way as to spread diseases. Unfortunately many home and property owners do not do this. Instead of proper maintenance they hire the first person who knocks on their door or that guy hanging around in the Home Depot parking lot. Yes these characters are cheap but they are probably not professional arborists. They do not know how to prune or trim trees properly. Nor do they know how to prevent the spread of fungus. In addition to proper pruning and trimming a professional tree service can spray trees for diseases. This can prevent the spread of the diseases, some of which can quickly kill trees. Unfortunately the trees most vulnerable to these blights are the big leafy ones that are the most attractive like oaks, willows and maples. These are the trees most likely to enhance property values and provide shade. They also give neighborhoods and towns their character. The best way to maintain these trees and preserve property value is through proper tree maintenance done by professionals. A professional service will cost more but it can keep your trees healthy and preserve the beauty of your property.

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