Sunday, July 3, 2011

Maple Tar Spot

Maple Tar Spot is yet another fungus that could attack the trees in your yard. Although it is a fungal infection, the Tar Spot is not fatal like Dutch Elm Disease. Instead it merely disfigures Maple Leaves. Maple Tar Spot puts black spots that look like tar on the leaves of maple trees. Property owners should not become concerned if they see signs of Maple Tar Spot because it is not fatal. Most experts recommend that fungicide not be sprayed when this disease is present. The best way to control Maple Tar Spot is to properly dispose of dead leaves in the fall. Professional arborists believe that the tar spot spreads from dead leaves. Keeping your yard clean and getting rid of waste should stop the spread of this pest. Even though tar spot is not fatal there are other fungal infections that can be. Therefore it is always a good idea to call a professional tree service whenever you see signs of an infection. Treating the infection early through spraying is the best way to keep it from killing your trees. A professional tree service should be able to take the necessary steps to protect trees from fungal infection. If trees cannot be spared, such a service should be able to remove and dispose of dead trees effectively. Maple Tar Spot has been reported to infect most of the common kinds of Maple in the US and Canada including stroma, silver, Red and Manitoba maples. Experts report that fungal infections in trees are on the rise so property owners should be on the lookout for them. A good way to prevent the spread of such infections is to use a professional tree service. Many arborists believe that improper tree maintenance can accelerate the spread of fungal infections. Even pruning trees at the wrong time of year can increase the chances of infection.

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