Friday, May 27, 2011

Maintaining the Soil for Healthy Trees

Keeping a tree healthy is not just a matter of pruning, spraying and watering the soil needs to be maintained as well. Plants get most their nutrition from the ground through their roots so you will need to pay some attention to the dirt.

This means that you may need to fertilize the soil around the roots. Some species will require special fertilizers while others can benefit from a more general product. It is best to consult the experts at a nursery or garden center to see which products you will need to use in your area.

There are several ways to apply the fertilizer. In some cases it can simply be spread on the ground. Liquid products should be applied below the ground through a root feeder. This takes the nutrients directly to the roots. Such a device is attached to a hose and the water forces the nutrients down to root level.

Soil for Seedlings
When you plant a new tree or seedling it is often a good idea to add fertilizer to the soil around the roots. Try to find the specific product for the species that you are planting and follow the instructions. In some cases, richer soil should be added.

If the seedling comes in a pot it would be a good idea to mix the dirt from the pot with that you use to cover the roots with. This can add nutrition and make the new plant healthier.

Special Consideration 
Some species will require special care and additives to keep them healthy. Ash will require a special mycorrizae fungus to thrive, this can be purchased online and from garden centers or nurseries. Adding this to the soil increases the tree’s ability to absorb nutrients and make it healthier.

Persons who live in urban areas should definitely consider adding such fungi because the city environment can kill the naturally occurring fungus. Ash is in most need of this additive but others species could benefit from it as well.

Such additives can help reduce stress which can make trees less susceptible to insects and infections. This can help them live longer and stay healthier to enhance your property.

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