Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Growing Threat to Your Trees

The threat to trees from insects, fungal diseases and other pests is growing everyday. Almost every species of tree found in the United States is now under threat from some sort of nasty bug or deadly fungus. To make matters worse new threats to trees are arriving from all over the world everyday. State officials in Southern California are now warning property owners about the Red Palm Weevil. A pest that they think could wipe out every palm tree in the Golden State. Back east Chestnut Blight almost wiped out American chestnut trees. Every year home and property owners loose thousands of trees to such menaces. Protecting Your Trees Fortunately there are steps that property owners can take to protect their trees and the value they add to properties. The first and best step you can take is to have your trees regularly inspected by a professional tree service. Such a service should employ trained arborists that can spot threats to trees and stop them. Once a threat has been identified there are steps that can be taken to protect trees, shrubs and other greenery. Almost all of the insects that kill trees can be stopped by spraying but to be effective and safe, spraying has to be done early and quickly. Fungus can also be also controlled by proper spraying. Improper pruning and trimming can damage trees and actually encourage the spread of fungus and some pests. Having this work done by a professional tree service can stop the spread of such menaces. Finally, dead, dying and infected trees must be removed as soon as you notice them. Such trees must be removed properly to keep pests and diseases from spreading. Professional tree removal is often the best means of protecting a properly from tree killing pests and diseases.

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