Wednesday, May 18, 2011

World’s Worst Palm Tree Pest Now in California

An insect described as the world’s “worst palm tree pest” has apparently been detected in Laguna Beach in Orange County, California. The Pest is the Red Palm Weevil and California state officials believe it is a threat to most ornamental palm trees. So far it has not been reported out of Laguna Beach but it could spread.

Officials are worried about the Red Palm Weevil because it can fly for up to a half mile. The pest then lays eggs in the bark of the palm, larvae hatch from eggs and eat the tree and kill it. People should be able to detect the beetle by looking for holes with brown ooze coming out of them on barks. Dead weevils and their larvae will be visible if there is a heavy infestation.

It is not just people in California who should worry about the Red Palm Weevil. It has also been reported on some islands in the Caribbean so it could soon spread to Texas, Arizona and Florida. Palms are very vulnerable to this kind of pest because they are not native to most parts of the US even though they have widely planted in many areas.

Since palms often add to the value of properties owners should definitely be on the look out for this and other palm killing pests. Persons who think they see this pest should contact their state’s department of agriculture.

The presence of this kind of pest shows why professional tree services are so important. Without proper tree care such bugs can easily get out of control and destroy all the palms on property. Most people will not be able to spot infestations or deal with them until it is too late.

Trained tree experts or arborists can do this and take the steps necessary to protect trees. They can also safely and professionally remove infested trees to contain the problem.

So it is definitely a good idea for persons with palms on their properties to have them checked by a professional tree service on a regular basis. Nobody can be too careful these days with all the different pests around.

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