Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tree spraying in Kansas City, KS: A Few Basic Tips

There’s more to tree spraying than just aiming a hose. Tree spraying involves different techniques depending on the type of tree and the type of pest in question. This is not to mention the amount of caution you need to exercise in handling those potentially harmful chemicals. Before you make any attempt at spraying your trees, you must consult an expert on tree spraying in Kansas City, KS.

And you will definitely need the following basic tools and materials: hose, hydraulic sprayer, spray bottle of fungicide or insecticide and water. A professional in
tree spraying will give you the following pieces of advice and steps to follow:

Water Spraying

Select the method of spraying. If you use water, you can use sprinklers, a hose, drip irrigation or a spray hose to water your trees.

Then proceed to spraying the ground around the tree if it is newly planted or if it is about two years old. You will need to saturate the area several times each month. Once weekly or every two weeks is fine, depending on the type of oil and the tree species. When the water begins to pool, you stop spraying.

If the tree is more than two years old, check its leaf canopy. You will have to spray under the canopy’s outer edge and around the tree. Avoid spraying right directly on the trunk because the tree’s roots are not centrally located anymore. Stop spraying once the water begins to pool or if the ground is already wet enough for the water to seep into the ground at two feet deep

Identify the type of insects that is infesting your tree before you buy the chemicals. This is important because certain types of bugs and insects can be only killed by certain kinds of insecticides. There are even insects that can be killed without the use of insecticides.

Once you’ve identified the pests, research about their life cycle. Don’t spray too soon or too late because the insecticides may not have an effect. There are only certain times that some insects become vulnerable to insecticides.

Contact your expert in
tree spraying in Kansas City, KS for a hydraulic sprayer if you don’t have one, especially if your trees are too tall to be reached using a hose. It is important for your sprayer to reach the topmost part of the trees to achieve full results.
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