Thursday, January 5, 2012

Garlic Tree Spray Keeps Critters Away in California

A few years ago my friend was recounting her recent visit to California when she mentioned something peculiar. She said when she was riding down the highway just outside of Escondido she was taken by surprise at the “Dr. Seuss-like” trees sticking out of the tawny grass of the countryside. A native of the East Coast, she hadn’t ever seen these types of crooked trees before. But that wasn’t the most unusual discovery.

To get a better view, she opened the window and breathed in the fresh air of the landscape. Suddenly, an unmistakable aroma invaded her nose that she wasn’t prepared to experience. The smell of fragrant garlic wafted through the air, which to her was the scent of heaven.

“Wait” I said, “Garlic? Are you sure?”

But really it was a rhetorical question because she could pick up the smell of garlic from the faintest of fumes. After all, she eats garlic on just about anything. So it wasn’t a question of “what”, but more a question of “why”.

Nature's Tree Spray Alternative

Chances are she drove by a field of garlic growing in the wilds of California, but the more likely scenario isn’t so straight forward. What she may have smelled was Garlic Barrier. A natural pesticide, Garlic Barrier contains 99.3% of pure garlic extract. It’s used by organic farmers to protect their crops from insects and nearby wildlife. Because of its natural properties, the non-invasive liquid concentrate is preferred by farmers as way to repel hungry critters without giving them a dose of lethal chemicals.

The downside is that crops give off the distinctive aroma of pungent garlic. But that beats the downside of losing crops to deer, rabbits, and those pesky blood-sucking mosquitoes. Speaking of blood-sucking, I’m sure you could keep away vampires as well.

As an alternative to chemical tree spraying chemicals, Garlic Barrier can be used on any type of crop from tomato plants to cotton, alfalfa and fruit trees.

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