Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Value of Emergency Tree Services

Although trees present many benefits to a homeowner in regards to property value, aesthetic tastes, and environmental health, there are still many ways that an improperly cared for investment can turn into an expensive headache. Keeping the number of a professional emergency tree service may save you time, money, and structural damage with nothing more than a simple phone call. The DIY types, like myself, often cringe at the thought of hiring a helping hand – but regardless, adding another entry into your address book is a small step compared to the inconvenience of lawsuits that can ensue from improperly cared for trees.

When the Going Gets Rough

Tree collapse and storm damage can take a devastating toll on property, creating a time consuming and costly hassle. While proper pruning and routine maintenance can generally prevent these issues, there are situations like hurricanes, tornadoes, and undetected disease that can wreak havoc with little to no prior notice. Removing and disposing trees is no small task – especially if there are power lines or damaged pipes to worry about. Homeowners need to have a backup plan at all times, one that includes everything from emergency utility shutoff to transportation to manual labor. This can become overwhelming for the most experienced property owners.

Choosing a Service

Instead of spending money and time on equipment and dangerous work, smart homeowners typically have the number of a trusted local tree care professional. Going local ensures that the professionals will have the specialized knowledge of local tree varieties, which is a must for those accident-prone ornamentals. Emergency specialists already have the high-tech equipment necessary for a quick and safe removal, saving you the huge expenses of investing in tools you may only need once in your life. Be sure to pick a  tree care service that offers environmentally responsible cleanup – that way you can feel good about keeping your property safe.

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