Thursday, January 13, 2011

Attracting Georgia Wildlife with Native Fruit Trees

Although every state has a variety of interesting wildlife, Georgia remains one of the most versatile planting regions for attracting beautiful and beneficial birds, insects, and mammals. Nothing is more relaxing than sitting quietly by a window and enjoying the free entertainment of thriving animals enjoying a harvest of fresh fruits.

The benefits are obviously mutual – you can support your local habitat while still having plenty of produce left for yourself. Ask your local tree service professional about the following varieties of fruit trees that act as wildlife magnets:


The diospyros virginiana variety of wild persimmon is native to Georgia and can even be found growing uncultivated in many areas around the state. Although the fruit is not very desirable for human consumption, many animals especially enjoy the taste. Female trees must be planted near a male to achieve fruit.


Okay, so blueberries don’t really grow on trees – they grow on shrubs. The berries are so delicious though that the distinction will not matter for the purpose of this article. Blue jays, brown thrashers, and mockingbirds will all be eager to split your crop. Climax, Triumph, and Tifblue blueberries are readily available, though any edible variety will be well appreciated by local wildlife.


Prunus Americana is Georgia’s native plum tree. Showy white flowers will beautify your property in the springtime, which will later produce fruits that are valued for nutritional value to many species of animal. If your home is positioned on the outskirts of town, even wild deer may stop by to graze on this tree’s foliage.

Dogwood, serviceberry, red buckeye, sumac, mulberry, and oak are all great trees that attract wildlife for different reasons and may make a great alternative if edible fruit is not what you are after. Planting native Georgia trees is always recommended, but now you have even more reason to get out there and start spreading the good Earth love. Good luck and happy planting!

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