Thursday, October 28, 2010

How to Make a “Seed Bomb”

Don’t worry- a seed bomb is not as threatening as it sounds! These little beauties are simply balls of compressed soil and clay that contain various flower and tree seeds. They can be thrown into those ugly patches of underutilized dirt that appear in defunct parking lots and vacated building sites, and what was once an eyesore will become a thriving ecosystem of lush greenery. Similar products can be purchased from eco-stores, but they are just too much fun to make at home. 

What will I need?

-Red Clay
Red clay will protect the seed bomb, make it portable, and provide the growing plants vital minerals. It’s best to use natural red clay, and not a craft-store substitute.
Compost can be made of fertilizer or high-grade potting soil mixed with organic material. A lot of people choose to compost kitchen scraps at home, another eco-friendly way to garden.
The seeds that you choose should be native varieties that will provide a pleasing aesthetic look. These must be hardy plants so that they can survive without any outside care. Be extremely careful not to introduce any invasive species to your area.

How do I make my own seed bombs?

The basic recipe for a seed bomb contains 1 part seeds, 3 parts compost, and 5 parts dry red clay. You will also need some pure water to make the mixture pliable and shapeable. The seeds and compost should be combined first, and then the clay should be added in the appropriate measure. Make sure to avoid adding too much water or you will end up with a very soupy mess. You can make a large batch and form your bombs from there. The sun is the best way to dry them, letting them sit but avoiding “baking” them. 

These seed bombs are a great way to improve your neighborhood while giving the environment a little boost. Fresher air means healthier bodies. Trees and flowers are a visual gift to almost any area.

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