Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Fast Growing Trees

When planting trees on your property, you may want to reap the benefits of a fully grown tree as soon as possible. Of course, who wouldn’t want comfortable shade and fresher local air sooner? Luckily, there are several species of tree that won’t make you wait ten to twenty years for decent height and stature.

3. Lombardy Poplar
Lombardy poplars are an extremely versatile tree variety that has cropped up all over the United States. These trees are often planted in rows, as a windbreak or as an attractive property line. This poplar happens to grow a speedy 8-10 ft. per year, meaning that you will quickly have tall trees. In just three years, you can have a 40 ft tree!

2. Willow Hybrid
These hybrids are the fastest growing willow. They grow to be thick and lusciously green. These trees can become rather tall when mature, up to 75 feet! New homeowners often want to go the natural route when it comes to privacy fences, and planting this tree variety in rows will ensure you will have one quickly- growing 6-12 ft per year.

1. Empress Tree
If you are planting a tree for mostly visual purposes the Empress, or Paulownia, may be an excellent choice. These trees produce fragrant, colorful blooms. The timber itself is very valuable. This tree has a unique aesthetic quality and will make your yard look absolutely beautiful. These trees can be planted over most of the United States, and will grow an astonishing 10-15 feet per year until it reaches its mature height of 50 feet.

These three species of tree are all very versatile, and your local tree planting expert should be well versed in these popular varieties! Most of us don’t want to wait up to ten years for a proud, tall tree. That’s why planting one of these fast growing varieties may be a great investment for you.

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