Thursday, April 12, 2012

How to Remove Trees the Professional Way

There are times that you need to remove trees from your property for various reasons. The reason could be to clear the yard for a construction project you are planning, or you need to improve your landscape, or may be the trees have become a threat to life and properly already because it is decaying if not dead. Whatever the reason, you need to hire the services of a professional tree removal company to the job for you. Don’t think you can do the job alone, especially if you don’t have background on tree cutting.

Not a Kid’s Job

Trees can be big and tall, making them difficult to remove. Unless you are removing a young tree whose diameter is less than ten inches and less than 20 feet tall, don’t take it upon yourself. Nevertheless, you need to learn the basic steps in removing a tree, whether you want to do it alone or you want to hire a professional tree removal company.

To start, survey the area around your tree and check if there are any obstacles. Things to watch out are power lines and other utility cables in the immediate vicinity. The general rule would to give a clearance of about ten feet from the trees nearby. Next, check the tree’s natural lean because it is in that direction that the tree must fall. This means the undercut should the first cut you should make to guide the direction of the fall. In felling the tree, the back-cut must be at least 2 inches taller compared to the undercut’s bottom. Once the tree starts to fall, everyone must move away and stay in the opposite direction. Once the tree is down, cut its limbs into smaller pieces for easy disposal.

Bigger trees, those that are more than ten inches in diameter and are 20 feet high or more, need special equipment that only a professional tree service company is trained to handle. Trees this big and this tall are too risky to handle by amateurs.

Removing the stump from the ground is the next step after the limbs are removed. You will have four options here. If it’s a small tree, you can dig the stump out with a pick and a sharp spade. It will be hours of hard work, especially if the root system is deep and spread out wide. Or you can again let a professional tree removal company do it for you.

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  3. My brother-in-law decided that he would take down a tree in their yard by himself. It took him hours to get the job done. He said he would never do that ever again because it was so difficult, not to mention dangerous. Hiring professionals to do it is well worth the cost.