Friday, March 9, 2012

Environmentally Safe and Effective Tree Spraying: Don’t Panic, It’s Organic

Among the most popular ways of controlling pests and diseases in fruit trees is organic spraying. If you are tree spraying in Kansas City, MO, you must consider using organic spray because of its many benefits. Tree spraying using traditional pesticides are still widely used, but more and more tree owners are now shifting to organic. There are several important reasons for this. One very important reason has to do with health. Organic sprays are considered harmless to one’s health, while the traditional spraying that uses chemicals has been known to pose serious health issues. Another reason has to do with the environment. Organic tree sprays are not known to cause harmful effects on the environment compared to the chemical sprays that poisons the environment.

The following are some of the common types of fruit tree sprays that are organic. These organic sprays are effective for tree spraying in Kansas City, MO. It works well in killing insects and larvae that are overwintering.

Lime Sulphur/Horticultural Oil Mixture

This type of organic spray for fruit trees is composed of horticultural oil and lime sulphur mixture that can sometimes be purchased premixed. You can also purchase a kit and do your mixture. The lime sulphur component of the mixture is a natural fungicide that kills bacteria or fungus spores that are dormant. The horticulture oil component is use for smothering overwintering eggs or insects. The best time to use this spray is in spring right before the swelling of the buds. Otherwise, you face the risk of burning the new leaves. It can also be sprayed when the temperature is between 32 degrees F (0 degrees Celsius) and 70 F (20 degrees Celsius) for not more than 24 hours. This is because the spray’s oil part requires time to kill the insects and their eggs.

Water/Horticultural Oil Mixture

This second type of organic spray is effective for spring use and all summer. Just be sure to do the spraying early in the morning, or when the weather is a lot cooler and trees and vegetation have cooled off. This mixture is not as messy as the first type of fruit trees.

Homemade Mixture of Natural Tree Spray

You can also come up with your own mixture for your tree spraying in Kansas City, MO project. You can buy your own ingredients at any organic farming store. The store will also offer you brochures on how to do the mixing.

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  1. Organic mixtures are safe for spraying, as opposed to pesticides that are cheaply produced in foreign countries and sprayed on their crops to ward away basic bugs and pests, America should be taking a step everyday to make the ecosystem much more friendly or else there won't be one one day.

    -Tony Salmeron
    Tree Removal Charlotte

  2. It's good that it's being done organically. I usually don't use sprays because I don't like the chemicals. Luckily this seems safe and effective though.
    John Bond |