Thursday, April 21, 2011

Controlling Tree Insects

Pests such as the pine beetle and the emerald ash borer have become a huge threat to trees. Many landowners have seen the beauty and value of their properties disappear because of these bugs. Fortunately there are some steps anybody can take to protect their property.  

The most important thing that a property owner can do is to walk around his or her land on a regular basis and inspect all of the trees. That way he or she can spot infestations of such pests and take action against them.

Before implementing such a program of inspections it is a good idea to find out what tree-killing pests are active in your area. The US Forest Service, your state forest service or your state university’s extension should be able to tell you this. These organizations provide lots of good information about such pests and how to control them.

Other Measures to Take
Many people don’t like to hear it but the best way to control such insects is to remove any tree that appears to be infected. This means that dead or dying trees must be cut down as soon as possible. It also means that any area that appears to be infested with the bugs should be sprayed.

Care should be taken with the wood from infested timber. The best solution is to have it hauled away as soon as possible. If you want to keep it to use as firewood there are some precautions to take.

Store the logs and limbs as far from forested areas as you can. This can help prevent the spread of the bugs. If possible store it on a concrete or asphalt or inside a shed. Also cover firewood with a plastic tarp and make sure the plastic is secure. This can keep insects locked in and away from healthy woodlands.

Spraying the logs with water or a long lasting insecticide can also help. Some experts also recommend pouring kerosene on them because this can kill the bugs. Persons should definitely be very careful when doing this because it can make the wood into a fire hazard.

It is also a good idea to follow these precautions when you bring in firewood from off your property. A great deal of the timber used for this purposes comes from insect-killed trees. It is entirely possible that some of the logs you buy or bring in could contain unwanted guests such as the pine beetle.

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