Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Eco-Friendly Valentines Day Activities

Valentine’s Day is known to be one of the most wasteful days of the year – think about all of the flowers, candy, and cards that are bought and shipped, used and thrown away. That doesn’t sound very romantic, does it? This Valentine’s day, consider keeping it simple and showing your love in a way that does not break the bank or harm our environment.

Plant a Tree

Remember our post about the danger of carving initials into tree stumps? Well, there is an alternative that is just as sweet – and will last much longer. Planting a tree is a symbolic gesture that allows a couple to see how their love has grown with each passing year. Together you can nurture the young sapling, and later enjoy romantic moments in the shade. Plant at home or donate a native tree to your local park.

Everybody wants to send a thoughtful card to their Valentine, but have you recently counted how many you already have laying around from years past? Your lover is probably swamped in them as well! Get together with your Valentine and gather up old love notes, pictures, cards, newspaper articles, and pretty scraps of paper and up-cycle your very own scrapbook! It will give a purpose to those sentimental items that never get any use, and you’ll end up with a keepsake that will never lose its romance.

Eat In

Going out to eat for Valentine’s Day is a common practice – this year, be unique! Head to the local farmer’s market and pick out delicious, wholesome ingredients that will really “WOW” your special someone! Burn organic candles and enjoy a romantic meal away from the hustle and bustle of commercial restaurants. You’ll save money and save the planet, all while impressing your Valentine with your amazing culinary skills.

Get Romantic

Sometimes couples work so hard to make Valentine’s Day “work” that they forget to spend any quality quiet time together. Don’t let yourself get swept up with the pressure of impressing your loved one, and instead utilize this special day to get back to the basics. Sometimes, keeping it green can really spice things up: save water with a bubble bath for two, enjoy a massage with fragrant organic oils, or get sensual with body painting. The possibilities are truly endless!

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