Thursday, December 23, 2010

Easy Tree Stump Removal

Okay, so, the title of this article is kind of a joke. There is no such thing as quick or simple removal without contacting a lawn care professional. Unfortunately, tree stumps can take up huge amounts of space in a potential garden- so their existence can be quite a burden until they finally degrade years later. So how can we accomplish the daunting task of removing an unsightly stump? Either you can gather up the commitment to take care of the headache yourself, or you can hire somebody to do the job for you. Whichever way you choose to take back your yard, you will enjoy the freedom to plant a new tree, extend your garden, or just enjoy soft luscious grass.

Do it Yourself

The stump removal process begins with our favorite tool: the chain saw. The stump should be cut down as close to the ground as possible to remove the excess wood. After you are left with just a small amount of stump it is time to drill a few holes to fill with nitrogen fertilizer. Then it’s time to soak the entire area, roots and all, with water before covering with a tarp. Mulch and stones will keep the tarp in place while providing the perfect atmosphere for moisture and decomposition. Now it’s time to kick back and remain patient. This method only speeds up the natural decaying process of the tree stump- reducing the decomposition period by years! Of course, there is a much faster way to get the job done…

Choose a Professional

Yeah, as much as we all love the entire idea of DIY, sometimes you just have to give in to the people with the right tools. A tree service professional should have no problem undertaking the task of stump grinding, which means that your month long job could be completed in just hours! What these professionals do is utilize a powerful piece of machinery that will grind away the stump and remaining roots, leaving the ground fertile and ready for beautiful new growth. What’s left behind after stump grinding is basically all-natural mulch. Homeowners often go this route so that they can avoid the stench of rotting trunk hanging around the yard for months. To be honest- I don’t blame them!

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  1. Thanks for the tip! I was thinking of doing some stump removal in Calgary, but I decided to go against it and allow the pros to do their job. They were amazing! I had no idea that I could grow things there after they were done. I'm glad I followed your advice.