Thursday, November 11, 2010

Maintaining a Drought Resistant Lawn in San Antonio

San Antonio watering bans can get pretty strict in times of drought. The laws make sense, but they can be a pain for a homeowner or business owner to keep good looking lawns when you can only water once a week. One alternative is xerixcaping, creating ornamental grass-free lawns, or even making an edible landscape. For those who aren’t green thumbed or have a budget to think about, simply choosing a different type of grass can eliminate the need for constant watering and keep those brown spots out.

High Shade

Horseherb is a great variety for difficult to handle areas. It can handle high amounts of shade, constant foot traffic, and can be mowed if desired. Although this variety doesn’t get very tall, some owners still prefer the appearance of a freshly trimmed lawn. The one major issue with this groundcover is that it invades every inch of space, from your lawn to your neighbors, with almost no way to combat it from coming back after you have switched. Pruning or trimming trees to raise the canopy may let a little light filter through for more desirable strains of shade tolerant grass such as St. Augustine. 

Mixed Shade

Originally a weed, Dichondra makes a very attractive groundcover for areas that don’t take grass well. In the shade or sun, this velvety groundcover has broad leaves that cover the ground like carpet. As long as there is decent drainage, the Dichondra is hardy without needing much mowing. Zoysia needs a deep watering every two or so weeks, but also works great in dappled shade.  

Low/No Shade

Buffalo grass is a great idea for those who don’t need lush greenery and would rather save money and maintenance. It needs more than six hours of direct sun a day. It’s Texas native and doesn’t need any additional water. Since it is native, buffalo grass is meant to live with several other types of grasses. You may have weed problems, this is one of the most sustainable and eco-friendly options available to San Antonio. Blue grama is another native variety that is beautiful, soft, and stands up against a neighbor’s invasive Bermuda grass lawn.

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